Mesh Networks is a leading provider of permanent and temporary networking solutions. Our innovative mesh technology provides reliable, flexible coverage that can adapt to changing conditions.

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Mesh Networks are a type of on-demand deployable ad hoc wireless network. Upon deployment, each node serves as both a wireless access point and a relay for other nodes. This allows us to quickly and easily assemble a group of nodes across an area of any size, limited only by the number of nodes deployed. Wireless Mesh Networks are perfect for implementing or enhancing internet access on a temporary basis inside a large space such as a convention hall or even throughout an outdoor gathering.

Advantages of a Wireless Mesh Network:

  • Each node is inexpensive to deploy and maintain.
  • The point-to-point architecture makes fault detection and mitigation quicker and easier.
  • The modular nature of the nodes allows easy substitution and enhancement when required.
  • Our customized traffic manager assures that signals are routed in the most efficient way possible.

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Permanent Network Connectivity

The simplest use of the Mesh Networks connectivity suite is in a permanent facility where multiple nodes are wired to building power and data lines. WiFi access points are installed at pre-determined intervals to provide full coverage.


Wireless Network Extensions

We can create either a temporary or permanent wireless coverage area that connects to your current network infrastructure. We offer a complete set of security and authentication software to manage user connectivity.


Cost-Effective Temporary Networks

Our access to high bandwidth providers can offer a cost-effective way to provide internet access on a temporary basis to thousands of users. Our solutions have been deployed at trade shows, conventions, large meeting spaces, festival grounds and public gatherings to provide wide-band internet access on a large scale. Our systems handle free open access, secure authenticated connectivity and/or monetization of internet access.

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Our specialized wireless access point basestation hardware units are easy to deploy across a wide area on a temporary or permanent basis. Our network nodes work together to create a seamless mesh for indoor and outdoor spaces. We even supply solar-powered and wind-powered wireless nodes for placement at events such as festivals that don't have ready access to AC power.

Our suite of networking software allows you to configure public access or encrypted private access. The system can also be configured to meter usage and charge users on a time- or data-driven basis. Our default configuration accepts major credit cards and can also integrate with your in-house point-of-sale system.

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The staff at Mesh Networks has been providing localized temporary networking deployments for the past decade and our team of engineers and technicians have worked at the top companies in the IT industry.

We are a small company, but we have the capacity to deploy and maintain large scale networks on short notice. Our specially designed network nodes require little setup and support and each of our solutions comes with a dedicated on-site network manager.

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